December 31, 2010

Natahsa Curry's Friday Morning Express preview

Posted: 05:41 AM ET

Happy New Year’s Eve! Natasha Curry here, in for Robin again.

How sad, I’m eating a candy bar for breakfast – but maybe subconsciously I’m preparing for a healthy New Year’s resolution and don’t even realize it!

So, what are you regretting doing this year, and vowing to do differently next year? The Morning Express facebook wall is open for you to post your resolutions!

- You’ve heard of a ball drop – what about a flea drop!?
- Most of our paychecks will get bigger in 2011.
- Plus, did you hear about the free joint hand-out? Okay, there is a catch!
- Also, the most visited website on the Internet – can you guess!?

See you on the air – have a great, safe day!


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December 27, 2010

Natasha Curry's Monday preview:

Posted: 05:58 AM ET

Good morning! Natasha Curry here in for Robin today… glad I made it in with all the crazy weather going on!

This morning, a travel nightmare – travelers are stranded at airports and maybe even at your house because of all the snow! (Hopefully, you’re all buddies!! HA!) What’s in store weather-wise for today! Tell us about how you and your family have been affected by the weather... no matter where you are, the impact of this thing is being felt all over the world! Hit us up on Facebook, send us an email or even tweet: @HLNTV or @RobinMeade (even though she's off, we're still checking her feed).

Plus, did you get any holiday gifts you’re itching to get rid of? Well now, there’s a way that could prevent those funky gifts from even arriving at your door! (it gets even better!!)

AND, a Christmas arrest in a terror plot – find out where it all went down!

Oh, and in case you care… Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is getting married again! (Holly must be fuming! And I shouldn’t know that! Lol!)

See ya on the air – hopefully the studio isn’t freezing too!! : )

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