October 4, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle: Knox supporters cheer verdict

Posted: 04:15 PM ET

People in Amanda Knox’s hometown of Seattle wept and whooped as they heard the word “overturned” in her appeals trial last night. A group of them had gathered at a hotel, staying up most of the night to watch, hearts racing and hands clasped. They tell local television stations they are ecstatic she is coming home. Amanda’s friends, former teachers and classmates had stood by Amanda’s family, saying there was no way she could have committed murder.

Some of her supporters tell The Seattle Times Amanda is probably going to lay low for a little while once she gets home. She will be landing in Seattle this afternoon with her family. But no one really knows what she is going to do after that. There will almost certainly be a race to see who can get the first interview with her and a lucrative book deal is likely in the offing. But right now, her friends say, she’s just anxious to get home.

Amanda did issue a short statement before she left Italy, thanking all of the people who wrote her letters while she was in jail. Her supporters in Seattle are waiting to see if she’ll say anything more once she lands. But, they say, once the joy and elation wears off, Amanda will need a lot of support to heal from this whole ordeal.

Keep it on HLN as we bring you any breaking developments about Amanda Knox's return back to Seattle.

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September 22, 2011

'Morning Express with Robin Meade' on Twitter

Posted: 04:42 AM ET


Yes... they tweet... and they read all of your tweets. And yes, it's really them. Follow the "Morning Express with Robin Meade" crew on Twitter.

Robin Meade: @RobinMeade
Sample tweet: "Some of your fav shoes may be really bad for your feet & I don't mean the stilts that I wear: [pic] Just the opposite!"

Bob Van Dillen: @BobVanDillen
Sample tweet: "Man, even I'm tired of hearing my voice after this Irene coverage. I feel sorry for u, the viewer! #WishIWasSurfing"

Jennifer Westhoven: @JenWesthoven
Sample tweet: "A tip of my hat to Steve Jobs. He raised the bar for all consumer products. [pic] #DressUpLikeSteveJobsDay"

Carlos Diaz: @CarlosHLN
Sample tweet: "Tom Brady to fans: "Start drinking early." Drinking what? My new blog post:"

Ryan Smith: @RyanSmithTV
Sample tweet: "Sleep doc #drfeinberg showing the proper admin of propofol #MJ #Murray @morn_eXpress"

Morning Express show account: @morn_eXpress
Sample tweet: "Did you see today's uber-sweet @USArmy #SaluteToTroops – – Newlyweds... sigh. @GoArmy"

HLN network account: @HLNTV

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August 23, 2011

Power of Words: Sarah Michelle Gellar's fear for the future of books

Posted: 10:58 AM ET

You know her as an actress on TV and in the movies, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is also a mom and an outspoken advocate for reading! She counts the children's books "The Giving Tree" and "Goodnight Moon" as a couple of her favorites even still today. Sarah's love of books has also crossed over to her young daughter thanks to nightly reading time with Mom.

It's that next generation of readers that Sarah is concerned about which is why she's teamed with RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) to get kids into libraries. She worries that we may be getting too digital when it comes to reading and libraries put physical books down at 'kid level' where curious young minds can discover new stories and new authors on paper.

"Morning Express with Robin Meade" correspondent Ryan Smith is also working to keep reading and literacy issues in the spotlight with his feature series: "Power of Words." If you've struggled to overcome reading issues as a child or even an adult or simply have questions about how to help your kids with reading, he'd love to hear your stories. They could end up being featured on HLN's Morning Express.

*Follow "Morning Express with Robin Meade" correspondent Ryan Smith on Twitter: @RyanSmithTV

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August 9, 2011

Power of Words: 'Reading dog' helps kids' confidence

Posted: 04:16 PM ET

When it comes to reading aloud in class some kids are easily intimidated or already self-conscious about their ability to get the words out clearly. HLN's Ryan Smith discovered a program that is taking the pressure off by putting on the dog. In this case, Ernie, a specially trained therapy dog that kids can read to without feeling like they're being judged.

Find similar programs around the country by visiting the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program page at or just try it yourself at home with your own family dog!

*Follow "Morning Express with Robin Meade" correspondent Ryan Smith on Twitter: @RyanSmithTV

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July 13, 2011

The gang's all here!

Posted: 11:00 AM ET

Left to right: Robin Meade, meteorologist Bob Van Dillen, personal finance expert Jennifer Westhoven, sports anchor Carlos Diaz & correspondent Ryan Smith at "the biscuit."

Great to have the whole team back on set! Between Carlos Diaz's fairly recent addition to the show, Ryan Smith's extended stay in Orlando covering the Casey Anthony murder trial and Jennifer Westhoven's maternity leave, it's been a while since the full 5 have been all together in the studio. In fact, today is the first day that Carlos and Jennifer have even worked together. This definitely called for a photo... which was easier said than done.

You might not realize that even during the show the "on-air" group is RARELY (if ever) all in the studio at the same time. Only Jennifer and Robin spend most of the morning in the studio. Ryan's office is upstairs in the "In Session" newsroom, Carlos spends most of his day at his desk in the "CNN Sports" newsroom and Bob's weather computer is out the sound-proof door and down the hall. They come in-and-out of the studio all morning which you'd think would be quite distracting for Robin, but watching the show, you'd never know.

For more behind the scenes pics, LIKE "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on Facebook or on Twitter follow @RobinMeade, @BobVanDillen, @CarlosHLN and @RyanSmithTV (Jennifer Westhoven coming to Twitter soon).

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July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony sentencing today – Live 9am ET on HLN

Posted: 04:28 AM ET

View of Jail where Casey Anthony is being held.  Photo by Ryan Smith.

Morning Express with Robin Meade correspondent Ryan Smith is scheduled to be live from outside the Pinellas County Jail (above) this morning as we wait to learn if its most talked about prisoner will go free. Ryan tweeted this photo (and another) of the jail yesterday while planning for today's liveshot and HLN's coverage of what could be the end of the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Casey Anthony was acquitted Tuesday of killing her daughter Caylee Marie. She was, however, found guilty of lying to police... and faces 4 counts on that charge. Each count could earn her a year in prison, however Casey has been in jail for nearly 3 years already. It's entirely possible that the judge's sentence could recognize that 'time served' making today (Thursday 7/7/2011) her last day behind bars and barbed wire.

Watch the sentencing LIVE with Robin Meade and Ryan Smith today at 9am ET (6a PT) on HLN.

Vote in our facebook poll: Casey Anthony found not guilty of murder... do you agree with the jury? VOTE HERE

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May 17, 2011

Welcome to 'Morning Express' Carlos Diaz

Posted: 12:07 PM ET

It's never easy to be the 'new guy' but as new HLN Sports Anchor Carlos Diaz finds out in this video, there's more to being on 'Morning Express with Robin Meade' than just getting up really, really, really early.

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February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen Goes on Radio Rant

Posted: 10:42 AM ET

Ryan Smith reports on Charlie Sheen's very public tirade against his producers. Production on "Two and a Half Men" has now been shut down for the season.

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February 18, 2011

NBA Player Hit the Books to Reach His Dreams

Posted: 09:09 AM ET

Like many kids, Antawn Jamison dreamed about playing in the NBA. But it wasn't his only goal.
In today's "Degrees of the Game," he told Ryan Smith how hitting the books helped him realize his hoop dreams.

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February 17, 2011

Emeka Okafor: Balancing Life and Basketball

Posted: 08:33 AM ET

Former NBA Rookie of the Year Emeka Okafor graduated college a year early, so he could go pro without compromising his education.
He talked with Ryan Smith in this "Degrees of the Game."

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