January 27, 2012

Robin Meade's Friday Preview: Feisty GOP Debate

Posted: 05:51 AM ET ya doin’?!
I hope to get some good BS moments with Mr. BS himself: Blake Shelton. I'm meeting him backstage tonight to ask about his first headlining tour, and see what shenanigans "The Voice" judge has up his sleeve. Look for that on our air very soon.
But first in the news and on the show today:
The Republican candidates were pushing each other’s buttons last night.
You gotta see the heated debate over immigration, and what seemed like some personal jabs too.
(We know in the morning you need news in the fast watch us for the most important moments.)
2 teenagers in Utah are under arrest for allegedly trying to bomb a high school.
A reason for balance in your life:
Working a lot of hours can double your chances of depression.
So....what's considered a lot of hours? More on that.
A dream honeymoon or a dream job?
One professional athlete had to choose.
Oh my!
Remember, some unlucky women who wanted a bigger bum ended up at an office where their backsides were allegedly injected with a mixture of Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue?
Well, now there are some new twists to the story.
And they include throwing a syringe on a TV show.
Twitter is going to start deleting some people’s tweets… depending on where they live.
Where was your baby born?
Check out the reasons behind more women giving birth “at home.”
We are waiting for the release of the edited 911 call regarding Demi Moore. Tune in when you get up.
The mayor who made flippant comments about what he would do for the Latino community....gets hundreds of tacos.
The number of homeless female vets is skyrocketing. How sad is that.
Get a load of Pat Sajak loaded!
He talks about hosting The Wheel of Fortune drunk!
I’ll take a V for vodka, pat!
More on those stories on a root-tootin’ Friday.

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January 26, 2012

Robin Meade's Thursday Preview: Tense Meeting on the Tarmac

Posted: 05:57 AM ET

Ever happen to you?
You think you look in all the obvious spots when you misplace your wedding ring. I searched at oh-dark-thirty yesterday and ended up wearing a fake one on the air. By the time I got home, the ring was exactly where I KNOW I looked multiple times. Crisis averted.
Thank you mighty jewelry gods for putting my wedding ring back in plain view!
On the show today…
Tense words on the tarmac:
Arizona's governor didn't exactly look like she was giving the president a hero’s welcome yesterday.
Moments after President Obama got off Air Force One, they appeared to get into it over what SHE wrote about HIM in her book.
Don't miss this.
New details about the rescue of an American teacher and another aid worker in Somalia:
The SEAL team that saved the pair is very familiar to Americans.
What would you do if your child’s school called off spring break? In Minnesota, one school is doing that, vacation plans or not!
Watch for word from the parents on that.
Police in Mississippi are still looking for one of those pardoned murderers. There’s a reward.
I bet this will be the talk today:
A cat escapes in the cockpit of a flight! Uh, we are having... mechanical problems (Screech. Meowwwwwwww.)
Yeah, that's a technical difficulty alright.
Bye bye, mystery meat:
School lunches across the nation are getting a makeover.
You missed some funny moments between CNN's Don Lemon, our Bob Van Dillen and me in the gym yesterday on Twitter. Join us! I'm @robinmeade on Twitter.

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December 2, 2011

Robin Meade's appetizer before 'Dinner with the Kings'

Posted: 06:00 AM ET

"CNN Presents: A Larry King Special: Dinner with the Kings" on Sunday, December 4 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on HLN's sister network, CNN. Conan O'Brien, Tyra Banks, Shaquille O'Neal, Seth McFarlane, Jack Dorsey, Quincy Jones and Russell Brand tell all at Larry King's dinner party.

See more clips from the special right now on

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November 28, 2011

Robin Meade and Jennifer Westhoven throw-down over 'Cyber Monday'

Posted: 08:38 AM ET

Is 'Cyber Monday' real? Robin says yes... there are great deals to be had. But Jen says 'Cyber Monday' numbers aren't 'all that' and that there are better deals to be had as we get closer to Christmas.

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November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from 'Morning Express with Robin Meade'

Posted: 05:50 AM ET

Happy thanksgiving from "Morning Express with Robin Meade"

It's easy to get caught up in the cooking and cleaning and traveling and planning and shopping that all slam together in a pumpkin spice scented whirlwind on Thanksgiving. Easy to forget that at it's core... the 4th Thursday in November (2nd Monday in October in Canada) is a day to stop and reflect on the blessings in our lives. To say thank you to the people and circumstances responsible for bringing good things into each day. All of us at "Morning Express with Robin Meade" and HLN hope you have more than your share of things to be thankful for this year... here are some of the things (in no particular order) we are giving thanks for today:

HLN Anchor Jennifer Westhoven:
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite - this year Im deeply grateful for the new seat at the table – a high-chair. Last year at dinner was the moment when, after years of effort and some heartbreak, I told my family that a baby was on the way. Baby Jamie is my biggest dream come true. Also thanks to my company’s benefits to support that! And thanks to friends & family, for the support and love they give.

Morning Express Producer Wade McKinney:
I am thankful for a God who knows my name and loves me unconditionally, and pursued me even when I turned my back on Him. I'm also thankful for the wonderful family He has put in my life: my wife, Michelle, and my two awesome boys, Bennett & Alex.

Morning Express Anchor Robin Meade:
I am thankful for our troops who are braver than I.
I am thankful for the unconditional love of pets.
I am thankful for a family that mostly has a great longevity gene and a funny bone too.

Writer/Producer Rick B.:
I'm thankful for First Amendment rights. And the Muppets.

Morning Express Web Producer Grayson Thagard:
Thankful to BE thankful! Thankful for all of you who are reading this because without you I wouldn't have this amazing gig that allows me to work with the people on this page. Thankful to the volunteers at Meals on Wheels in Atlanta who have shown me how easy and fulfilling it is to give back. And mostly, thankful for the love of the two families in my life who are the most open, honest, welcoming and accepting people on Earth.

Morning Express Producer Shaneika Dabney:
A wonderful family, the greatest friends in the world and my soul mate puttin’ a ring on it!

Morning Express Producer Tim Melligan:
Be thankful. You hear it a lot around this time of the year. It’s something I try to remember each and every day, but fail to. In the past week I have been given true reminders of just why we should all stop and be thankful. I’ve lost friends and co-workers this past week to sudden and long fought illnesses. I have other friends and loved ones dealing with serious illness. We look around and see people out of work, people fighting for their lives and for freedom-both theirs and ours. There is so much that we-I take for granted, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. These real-life reminders make me so thanksful for everything I have, especially my wife and sons, our health, our loved ones, friends and our life and all that comes with it. I AM THANKFUL TODAY, TOMORROW, AND HOPEFULLY REMEMBER TO BE THANKFUL EACH AND EVERY DAY AFTER. I wish all of you reading this, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

HLN Sports Anchor Carlos Diaz:
I'm thankful to be spending my first Thanksgiving with my new broadcasting family at HLN. Robin, Jen and Bob are like my new brothers and sisters... only a tad more dysfunctional. :)

Morning Express Writer Mike F.:
I am thankful that my father’s recent tumor surgery went well and that he is doing great. I’m also thankful I got 3rd row seats to the upcoming Noel Gallagher concert.

HLN anchor Susan Hendricks:
I am thankful for my 2 year old daughter. I am also thankful for the opportunity to meet Eric LeGrand who showed me what the true definition of bravery and inspiration really is. :)

Morning Express Writer Erin Lindsay:
I’m thankful my boyfriend made it home safe from deployment, and even more thankful for his teammates who helped make it happen.

HLN Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen:
I am thankful for the health of my family, and having a job I love even with my limited skill set.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 27, 2011

Robin Meade drops in on "The Gayle King Show"

Posted: 11:37 AM ET

Our very own Robin Meade was a guest on “The Gayle King Show” on OWN on Tuesday. The two doyennes of morning TV dished on everything from shoes and music to the key to a successful relationship (hint: work the early morning shift!) Gayle even finessed the title of each of Robin’s 12 songs from her debut album, “Brand New Day” into her intro. The interview reached a fever pitch when Robin and Gayle sang duet to “Put My High Heels On,” and though Gayle is a self-proclaimed bad singer, no glass was broken during the segment.

Roll the clip!

HLN's Robin Meade on "The Gayle King Show"

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October 14, 2011

'Little Big Town' on Morning Express with Robin Meade

Posted: 12:46 PM ET

Luvs me some Little Big Town! Their album is gorgeous. Thanks for coming on Morning Express! -Robin

Not only has this hard-working band taken time out to play for the troops overseas, they're also working to drum up support for local music programs through Drive 4 the Music.

Read the rest of this entry »

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September 29, 2011

Meet Robin Meade today at CNN Center in Atlanta

Posted: 05:47 AM ET

*meet and greet details at the end of this preview:

This trial is something else, isn’t it?!

Good morning, time for you to rise and shine. Okay, some days to shine is a stretch. Ha!
In the news:
Crying, curled up on the floor and in shock.
That’s how one witness described Michael Jackson’s children as they watched their father dying.
Don’t miss the riveting testimony from Jackson’s inner circle – his bodyguards and his assistant.
What they said Conrad Murray did, the day Jackson died.
The defense also brought another one of Jackson’s doctors into the fray – more on all that.
Gavel to Gavel coverage begins at 11am ET (8a PT) on HLN. Background, updates, behind the scenes & commentary at
The FBI says it foiled a terrorist plot that would have used remote-controlled model planes!
Check out how they would have carried explosives.
What bugs you about your co-workers? Their eating habits? ‘Borrowing’ your food from the company fridge? Too much cologne?
We’ve got the list. (Get a sneak peek at – look under "Important Links")
A big shoe company advertised shoes that would give you a butt lift.
Now the govt. says they’ll pay for it!!
(my question…that one company wasn’t the only one, so what about the rest?)
Looking forward to meeting some of your fellow viewers at the Turner Store inside Atlanta's CNN Center today two ways:
1) the VIP tour which ends right in our studio every Thursday
2) I’m doing a meet ‘n’ greet to sign my book and cd for peeps.
If for some reason you just happen to be in these parts, stop by at noon! Otherwise – I’m with ya in spirit. J

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September 28, 2011

Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez want you to 'get a life'

Posted: 01:31 PM ET

Recently, HLN's Robin Meade got the chance to down with Emilio Estevez, the writer and director of "The Way" (in theaters Oct. 7th). You probably saw him in movies like, "The Breakfast Club," "Repo Man," and the "Mighty Ducks" films. She also got to talk with the star of the film, Martin Sheen... a Golden Globe winning actor who played President Bartlet on "The West Wing," not to mention starring roles in "Apocalypse Now" and "The Departed". Sheen ALSO just happens to be Emilio's dad!

Much like the plot of their new movie, the conversation focused on family:

Robin Meade: This story is about a father and son's kind of strained relationship... Why did you decide, "My dad's right for this?"

Emilio Estevez: I wanted to make a film in Spain that celebrated this man as an actor, as a human being, as a father. I wanted to celebrate my grandfather who is from the region the film ends in. In Galicia. It's really 4 generations of Estevez's who are celebrated in the film.

Martin Sheen: I adore him [Estevez]. He's my closest friend. The idea of working with him was so gratifying because he knew where all the buttons were. And I learned to trust him 100 percent. I'm looking forward to part two!

RM: When I think about this story of transition... I can't help but think about the year your Son, and your brother, Charlie [Sheen] has had as well. Where would you say he is at right now.

EE: He showed up at the AARP screening in Los Angeles. And he looks great, he was in good spirits. It was a great reunion... it really was. He seems like he's in a much better place.

RM: You know, I ask this because people are familiar with the two of you, and him... even though there are more members of your family... if you two are best friends where does Charlie fit in that relationship?

MS: Equally loved. Equally cherished. You know you give the love to the child who needs it the most at the time. Wether it was Emilio or Ramon or Carlos (which is Charlie's real name) or my daughter Renee. It is extended, and never withdrawn, it is totally unconditional. It is what you are supposed to do as a parent.

RM: Just as the guy in the story, Tom, really didn't want to let his son go through what he needed to go through on the camino because he really didn't understand it. How can you draw parallels to what you had to let Charlie go through this year?

MS: You know, he is an adult, and he has choices. He has children. And he has a life very separate from most people on the face of the earth... I can't even begin to imagine the pressures he lived under. The decisions he's had to make that affect his children and his wives and his family. I'm so deeply relieved and proud of him that he's made this turn and that he's standing up and walking forward... and I adore him. And we're always there for him as well as all the children and he knows that. He's always known that and that's every parent's dream that a child win their freedom and become themselves.

RM: One of the biggest statements that I took from the movie... there must have been some significance to the son saying to the father while he was still alive, "You don't CHOOSE a life dad... you live it."

EE: The idea of being in life, the idea of being open to the possibilities. Because we get very set in our ways and it's sometimes hard to look beyond what else is out there. And so for me it was a line to the father to say, "Before it's too late, get out in life. Get involved."

MS: Get a life!

EE: Get a life... yeah.

"The Way" opens in theaters in the U.S. and Canada on October 7th. You can see a preview at

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September 22, 2011

'Morning Express with Robin Meade' on Twitter

Posted: 04:42 AM ET


Yes... they tweet... and they read all of your tweets. And yes, it's really them. Follow the "Morning Express with Robin Meade" crew on Twitter.

Robin Meade: @RobinMeade
Sample tweet: "Some of your fav shoes may be really bad for your feet & I don't mean the stilts that I wear: [pic] Just the opposite!"

Bob Van Dillen: @BobVanDillen
Sample tweet: "Man, even I'm tired of hearing my voice after this Irene coverage. I feel sorry for u, the viewer! #WishIWasSurfing"

Jennifer Westhoven: @JenWesthoven
Sample tweet: "A tip of my hat to Steve Jobs. He raised the bar for all consumer products. [pic] #DressUpLikeSteveJobsDay"

Carlos Diaz: @CarlosHLN
Sample tweet: "Tom Brady to fans: "Start drinking early." Drinking what? My new blog post:"

Ryan Smith: @RyanSmithTV
Sample tweet: "Sleep doc #drfeinberg showing the proper admin of propofol #MJ #Murray @morn_eXpress"

Morning Express show account: @morn_eXpress
Sample tweet: "Did you see today's uber-sweet @USArmy #SaluteToTroops – – Newlyweds... sigh. @GoArmy"

HLN network account: @HLNTV

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