November 28, 2011

Robin Meade and Jennifer Westhoven throw-down over 'Cyber Monday'

Posted: 08:38 AM ET

Is 'Cyber Monday' real? Robin says yes... there are great deals to be had. But Jen says 'Cyber Monday' numbers aren't 'all that' and that there are better deals to be had as we get closer to Christmas.

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November 24, 2011

HLN Black Friday programming changes

Posted: 10:48 AM ET

In order to bring you some special Black Friday programming from HLN's Clark Howard and Jennifer Westhoven, we've moved some of your regularly scheduled Friday programming around... JUST FOR Today. Here's a look at what's on HLN and when (no matter what your on-screen guide says) for Black Friday, Nov. 25 (all times Eastern):

6 AM
Clark Howard

7 AM-12 PM
Morning Express

12 PM
Clark Howard

1 PM
Shopping Secrets Revealed
HLN Money Expert Clark Howard, one of the most prominent voices in the business, and Money Anchor, Jennifer Westhoven help viewers get the most bang for their buck during the holiday shopping season.

2 PM
Clark Howard

3 PM
Shopping Secrets Revealed

4 PM
Salute to Troops: Stories of Courage

5 PM
Special Report
The search for Baby Lisa.

6 PM
Prime News
Where is missing District Attorney Ray Gricar? Also Vinnie Politan speaks to a student panel at Penn State. PLUS the possible connection between 5 missing Tennessee women.

7 PM
Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell
Penn State Scandal Coverage

8 PM
Nancy Grace
Missing Mom of 4, Karen Swift and the latest in the Jhessye Shockley Case.

9 PM
Dr Drew: Extreme Behaviors
Dr. Drew will feature compelling stories of people who are battling obsessive behaviors including an animal hoarder, a dangerous extreme sports fanatic and feature an exclusive with the 2012 Guinness Book's World's Heaviest Woman.

10 PM
Joy Behar
The hilarious Jane Lynch sits down to talk about why she was relieved to lose at the Emmys, how she wanted to be a boy when she was younger, and her unique battle with alcohol. Plus, iconic actor William Shatner.

11 PM
Showbiz Tonight
Showbiz Reality Secrets! Real or Fake?! & Show Me the Money!

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Happy Thanksgiving from 'Morning Express with Robin Meade'

Posted: 05:50 AM ET

Happy thanksgiving from "Morning Express with Robin Meade"

It's easy to get caught up in the cooking and cleaning and traveling and planning and shopping that all slam together in a pumpkin spice scented whirlwind on Thanksgiving. Easy to forget that at it's core... the 4th Thursday in November (2nd Monday in October in Canada) is a day to stop and reflect on the blessings in our lives. To say thank you to the people and circumstances responsible for bringing good things into each day. All of us at "Morning Express with Robin Meade" and HLN hope you have more than your share of things to be thankful for this year... here are some of the things (in no particular order) we are giving thanks for today:

HLN Anchor Jennifer Westhoven:
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite - this year Im deeply grateful for the new seat at the table – a high-chair. Last year at dinner was the moment when, after years of effort and some heartbreak, I told my family that a baby was on the way. Baby Jamie is my biggest dream come true. Also thanks to my company’s benefits to support that! And thanks to friends & family, for the support and love they give.

Morning Express Producer Wade McKinney:
I am thankful for a God who knows my name and loves me unconditionally, and pursued me even when I turned my back on Him. I'm also thankful for the wonderful family He has put in my life: my wife, Michelle, and my two awesome boys, Bennett & Alex.

Morning Express Anchor Robin Meade:
I am thankful for our troops who are braver than I.
I am thankful for the unconditional love of pets.
I am thankful for a family that mostly has a great longevity gene and a funny bone too.

Writer/Producer Rick B.:
I'm thankful for First Amendment rights. And the Muppets.

Morning Express Web Producer Grayson Thagard:
Thankful to BE thankful! Thankful for all of you who are reading this because without you I wouldn't have this amazing gig that allows me to work with the people on this page. Thankful to the volunteers at Meals on Wheels in Atlanta who have shown me how easy and fulfilling it is to give back. And mostly, thankful for the love of the two families in my life who are the most open, honest, welcoming and accepting people on Earth.

Morning Express Producer Shaneika Dabney:
A wonderful family, the greatest friends in the world and my soul mate puttin’ a ring on it!

Morning Express Producer Tim Melligan:
Be thankful. You hear it a lot around this time of the year. It’s something I try to remember each and every day, but fail to. In the past week I have been given true reminders of just why we should all stop and be thankful. I’ve lost friends and co-workers this past week to sudden and long fought illnesses. I have other friends and loved ones dealing with serious illness. We look around and see people out of work, people fighting for their lives and for freedom-both theirs and ours. There is so much that we-I take for granted, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. These real-life reminders make me so thanksful for everything I have, especially my wife and sons, our health, our loved ones, friends and our life and all that comes with it. I AM THANKFUL TODAY, TOMORROW, AND HOPEFULLY REMEMBER TO BE THANKFUL EACH AND EVERY DAY AFTER. I wish all of you reading this, a very Happy Thanksgiving.

HLN Sports Anchor Carlos Diaz:
I'm thankful to be spending my first Thanksgiving with my new broadcasting family at HLN. Robin, Jen and Bob are like my new brothers and sisters... only a tad more dysfunctional. :)

Morning Express Writer Mike F.:
I am thankful that my father’s recent tumor surgery went well and that he is doing great. I’m also thankful I got 3rd row seats to the upcoming Noel Gallagher concert.

HLN anchor Susan Hendricks:
I am thankful for my 2 year old daughter. I am also thankful for the opportunity to meet Eric LeGrand who showed me what the true definition of bravery and inspiration really is. :)

Morning Express Writer Erin Lindsay:
I’m thankful my boyfriend made it home safe from deployment, and even more thankful for his teammates who helped make it happen.

HLN Meteorologist Bob Van Dillen:
I am thankful for the health of my family, and having a job I love even with my limited skill set.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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September 22, 2011

'Morning Express with Robin Meade' on Twitter

Posted: 04:42 AM ET


Yes... they tweet... and they read all of your tweets. And yes, it's really them. Follow the "Morning Express with Robin Meade" crew on Twitter.

Robin Meade: @RobinMeade
Sample tweet: "Some of your fav shoes may be really bad for your feet & I don't mean the stilts that I wear: [pic] Just the opposite!"

Bob Van Dillen: @BobVanDillen
Sample tweet: "Man, even I'm tired of hearing my voice after this Irene coverage. I feel sorry for u, the viewer! #WishIWasSurfing"

Jennifer Westhoven: @JenWesthoven
Sample tweet: "A tip of my hat to Steve Jobs. He raised the bar for all consumer products. [pic] #DressUpLikeSteveJobsDay"

Carlos Diaz: @CarlosHLN
Sample tweet: "Tom Brady to fans: "Start drinking early." Drinking what? My new blog post:"

Ryan Smith: @RyanSmithTV
Sample tweet: "Sleep doc #drfeinberg showing the proper admin of propofol #MJ #Murray @morn_eXpress"

Morning Express show account: @morn_eXpress
Sample tweet: "Did you see today's uber-sweet @USArmy #SaluteToTroops – – Newlyweds... sigh. @GoArmy"

HLN network account: @HLNTV

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August 24, 2011

Woman owns up to behavior after seeing video of her raging roadside rant

Posted: 12:10 PM ET

A woman was caught on tape going OFF on state troopers in Missouri. That video is getting a lot of hits on YouTube (Warning! Explicit content).

Sue Teeter and her husband had just been in a crash when emotions got the better of her over the weekend. She says she was so enraged that she doesn't really remember saying much of what you see on the video. Now she's seen it from this perspective and is owning up to her behavior. Teeter says she's sorry and hopes to apologize face to face with the officers.

A statement from the Missouri Highway Patrol says: "We strive to be ladies and gentlemen who enforce the law and these officers exemplified this ideal."

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July 19, 2011

Is breast feeding baby doll an appropriate toy? Robin and Jen take sides:

Posted: 12:28 PM ET

Is a toy doll that mimics breast-feeding a good way to teach "nurturing" to little girls? We've heard from a lot of you during "Morning Express with Robin Meade" today about "The Breast Milk Baby":

Christine in Savannah, GA emailed us:
It is ok for little boys to "kill" each other with their toys, why is it not ok for a little girl to "nurse" a doll? Maybe it will help Americans be more comfortable with breastfeeding. As a new mom I'm surprised at how uncomfortable many people still are with something so natural and healthy.

Vinnie tweeted
Robin (@RobinMeade):
My 15 yr old daughter just watched that segment with me & she was aghast about the #breastfeedingdoll. Not good.

Cheri wrote on our facebook page:
When I had my kids many yrs ago I.nursed them all and they all three would nurse their baby dolls. This doll is no.big deal God gave us breast to feed our baby's so what if kids pretend to breast feed.

Patty on facebook says:
I have 5 kids. 4 of them girls.. and I would not get this doll..our kids learn things too early..let them be kids..they wont be breast-feeding until they are adults.

What do you think?

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July 13, 2011

The gang's all here!

Posted: 11:00 AM ET

Left to right: Robin Meade, meteorologist Bob Van Dillen, personal finance expert Jennifer Westhoven, sports anchor Carlos Diaz & correspondent Ryan Smith at "the biscuit."

Great to have the whole team back on set! Between Carlos Diaz's fairly recent addition to the show, Ryan Smith's extended stay in Orlando covering the Casey Anthony murder trial and Jennifer Westhoven's maternity leave, it's been a while since the full 5 have been all together in the studio. In fact, today is the first day that Carlos and Jennifer have even worked together. This definitely called for a photo... which was easier said than done.

You might not realize that even during the show the "on-air" group is RARELY (if ever) all in the studio at the same time. Only Jennifer and Robin spend most of the morning in the studio. Ryan's office is upstairs in the "In Session" newsroom, Carlos spends most of his day at his desk in the "CNN Sports" newsroom and Bob's weather computer is out the sound-proof door and down the hall. They come in-and-out of the studio all morning which you'd think would be quite distracting for Robin, but watching the show, you'd never know.

For more behind the scenes pics, LIKE "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on Facebook or on Twitter follow @RobinMeade, @BobVanDillen, @CarlosHLN and @RyanSmithTV (Jennifer Westhoven coming to Twitter soon).

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June 9, 2011

Where is Jennifer Westhoven?

Posted: 09:10 AM ET

I’m on maternity leave, taking care of this little guy!!! His name is James, and that's him back in April.

Baby James, April 27
Baby James, April 27

I’m not in the picture because I’m just not ready yet! It's not just the baby weight that has to come off, I can barely even find a few minutes to shower every few days – so I will spare you pix of me with baby spit up in my hair (it’s extremely cute spit-up by the way and smells like roses).

Plus, I swear this kid is aiming at me whenever I change him. No matter what I do, I end up soaked! :)

I’m sure so many of our mom viewers can relate! A haircut seems as far away as a trip to Tahiti or a 5 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep.

Thanks to everyone who has facebooked, emailed and tweeted asking about me and my family. Everyone is happy and healthy and I’ll be back on “Morning Express” next month.

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May 17, 2011

Welcome to 'Morning Express' Carlos Diaz

Posted: 12:07 PM ET

It's never easy to be the 'new guy' but as new HLN Sports Anchor Carlos Diaz finds out in this video, there's more to being on 'Morning Express with Robin Meade' than just getting up really, really, really early.

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March 23, 2011

Tax breaks for generous Americans

Posted: 02:52 PM ET

With about a month to go before taxes are due... you want to make sure you get what you are entitled to. So Morning Express personal finance anchor Jennifer Westhoven wants to highlight some of the overlooked deductions out there.

You don't have to make a big donation to charity to claim a tax deduction. If you itemize... you can deduct even small donations. Maybe you donated some clothes to goodwill or took some food to the local food bank. You can also deduct your expenses for volunteer work including 14-cents a mile to get there.

Jennifer Westhoven will have more tips as we get closer to tax day... which comes a little late this year... April 18.

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