October 12, 2011

'Dancing with the Stars' elimination recap: Ballroom Justice

Posted: 10:54 AM ET


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Well, the voters have made one thing clear: they may not mind Chaz Bono’s lumbering presence, they may tolerate a Kardashian in the fold, but darn it, they do not stand for mistakes! After several graceful performances and one painfully awful one, Chynna Phillips was kindly asked to pack her things and get out. A girl can’t have an off night? Ballroom says no.

Hopefully Chynna was comforted by the presence of singing teddy bear Susan Boyle, who sang “Unchained Melody” with an army of angel violinists. Of course, if you are Brooke, and are moved to dress like a pink boudoir pillow, titles are inconsequential and there is no problem in calling the song “Enchanted Melody.” I like to think Your Host Tom dies a little bit every time this happens. If you prefer your teddy bears larger and manlier than SuBo, there was country star Blake Shelton, singing the new n’ improved(?) Footloose theme and towering over pretty much everyone. In fact, him standing next to Julianne Hough was so funhouse-ish, I had to Google it. He’s 6’5. Mystery solved.

The returning Hough sibling -who is starring in the upcoming Footloose, did you get that?- had a grand old-time hoofing it with a throng of exuberant dancers and her male co-star. Do we really care what his name was? She then twisted and shouted with brother Derek in a very convincing argument that, yes, they are attractive people and good dancers. Really, the whole thing was a big commercial for Footloose, which couldn’t get my motor running if it were a pair of jumper cables. I may sound stodgy, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I bet judge Len agrees. The best part of female Hough’s triumphant return was her patter with Your Host Tom, who had a marvelous time torturing her by making her read the teleprompter. Is that the smell of a replacement, pillow Brooke?

On the elimination front, Carson and Chaz dodged being in jeopardy early on, leaving Rob, Nancy, and Chynna to ponder their fates. Then Nancy was safe, which is fantastic for so many reasons, not the least of which being I’ve sipped the Tristan kool-aid and now find him devastatingly adorable. Maybe it was the shiny red, open jacket this week. Regardless, it was Chynna’s time.

Now, a lot of people called it yesterday, after the first true train wreck of the season, but let’s put on our dorky Rob Kardashian glasses and examine this. As far as I know, Chynna was never in smelling distance of the bottom of the leaderboard before this week. The best explanation for her departure is the complete failing of confidence she had once the dance went south. Someone used to not being awesome, like Carson or Chaz, may have rolled with mistakes a little more gracefully. Still, though… I don’t know. What do you think? Was ballroom justice delivered, or were the scales unfairly tipped? Are you distressed that David Arquette has developed an allergy to shirts? Were you surprised at the power of the Cher vote? Come on, cut loose! Footloose!

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Karen Nicolas   October 12th, 2011 12:06 pm ET

Nancy you are doing great and I hope that you and your partner win. I really like watching your show on tv and the stories you bring to us.

Victoria Bloom   October 12th, 2011 1:29 pm ET

Well, I'm done watching. What a joke this show has become!. It isn't a contest about dancing, it's a popularity show. Chynna was so lovely and graceful and got better every week. Nancy's partner has my sympathy. Watching him trying to lift and spin her was painful to watch. Looked like he was trying to drag a paralyzed pig in circles. I'm going back to Law and Order re-runs. At least the limp lifeless bodies are SUPPOSED to look dead!

Bill Case   October 12th, 2011 2:32 pm ET

Alice and I have watched the show from the beginning. Now, it has turned into a freak show. The freaks have taken over, and people with ability and character are left out. I agree with the judges: it has become insane, so please check me off the ABC abomination!

Deano   October 12th, 2011 3:16 pm ET

DWS has never been an actual dance contest, it's really a combination of popularity and just how the judges comments and marks are done. The judges are often more critical of the better dancers and each season they pick one or two just fair dancers to fawn over. This year there were some really good dancers that had potential, but both those were voted off this week and last week. The female udge has given Rob such gushing attention and remarks, one would think he's as good as the pro's. His scores actually from all the judges have been much higher than he deserves. As a former pro dancer myself I can see the difference between the just fair,the good and the ones that really have potential. To me the judges have to treat all the stars the same and if they are good tell them, but don't fawn over certain ones just because you happen to like them, or their family is famous. The network can't control what the audience does about their votes, but I would think they could have a heart to heart with the three judges, because if something doesn't change we are going to see either Rob, Chaz or Nancy walk away with the Mirror Ball this season and none of them in m opinion are anywhere near good enough to win a dancing competition.

Gersil N. Kay, IESNA   October 12th, 2011 3:52 pm ET

The professional dances are brilliant. Sometimes the costumes are not flattering to the less than sylph-like amateurs. Although the musicians are talented, the music they play is all wrong for the particular dance being done. This makes it even harder for the neophytes to perform.

When will dinner-dancing (balloom) come back with live orchestras?

Linda A.   October 12th, 2011 7:24 pm ET

Chaz Bono is disgraceful, disgusting, and disfunctional. Come one, come all to the "Freak Show Express," only topped by" his?/her?" own mom. This is an all-time low for DWTS.

big mike   October 13th, 2011 4:22 pm ET

victoria bloom. i agree with you 100%. this is not a dance contest but a popularity contest. shame how all these couple are dancing their azzez off and get eliminated while those " so called popular ones" stay. it is rather disgusting to see grace and that bono guy, girl make fools of themselves. linda a. agree with you also. this he/ she has shown nothing but disgust on the dance floor. funny how mom cher showed up late.?? i gues she knows her little boy/girl is on the verge of extinction. you are right again, this is the worse show for dwts. hopefull, my wife will loose interest in this next yr. much better stuff to watch.

Angela   October 16th, 2011 2:47 pm ET

I only watch occasionally but it does seem that the scoring by the pros is all over the place based on their own opinions and subjective personality likes. Seems the popular votes are the same. It seems like a pretty even way to pick a winner. Just an entertaining way to waste your time.

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