February 16, 2011

Jerry Stackhouse: From the court to the classroom

Posted: 10:30 AM ET

The NBA All-Star game is this weekend in Los Angeles. Ryan Smith sat down with some players to talk about an issue close to their hearts: Education.

Jerry Stackhouse was labeled the "next Jordan" when he came out of college. But after his first year in the pros, he kept a promise to his mother... and went back to school.

In today's "Degrees of the Game," Stackhouse talks about why that was so important to him.

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Dina Parrotta   February 17th, 2011 8:29 am ET

Hi Ryan,
I'm writing in response to your morning interview with the outstanding NBA players who worked so hard to earn their college degree while pursuing their professional careers on the court.

I wanted to bring to your attention that the men's players from Cansiius College (Div. 1 program) in Buffalo, NY have done the same thing! Our starting 5 seniors this year have ALL earned their undergraduate degrees in 3 years and are currently enrolled in the Master's program at the college. Of the 5 currently working on their Master's degrees 3 will complete this degree this spring!

According to our Sports Information person this has never been done by any Div. 1 team in our country – EVER! A few media outlets have picked up the story and it is to be featured in the program at the final four this year.

It is truly a story to be celebrated especially when typically men's basketball and football players never earn a degree after their four years of study.

David Dixon   February 17th, 2011 2:48 pm ET

It is truly great to see [HLN] during stories about young, black successful male athletes who got there degrees. It is unfortunate this is the exception and not the norm. Too many of these athletes wind up broke after their careers are older. There has got to be a way to reach these guys and get it in their heads that a degree is so important to their existence and ability to succeed as productive members of society. I even would like to see the NBA or NFL, actually withhold a million dollars, or some percentage of their contracts over the years that isn't paid out until they retire or quit the leagues. This amount would not be able to be borrowed against either. -David

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