December 13, 2010

Where is the Metrodome busting storm headed next?

Posted: 07:04 AM ET

Arctic air, that’s the huge weather story. This cold air mass rocketed through the MW over the weekend, stirring up snow and wind along with it. I couldn’t watch my Giants play Sunday b/c the Viking’s roof caved in under 17” of snow. Truth be told, I thought it was Favre with a pen knife cutting a hole in it, just to get 36 hours more rest time. Did you see the video of the snow coming through? Insane.

Today is not much better. The cold air is racing towards southern FL, and there are wind chill watches for tonight in Miami where it will feel like 20 F tomorrow morning. Wind chills right now are from minus 20° to minus 30° F in the MW and not much warmer in the SE right now!

Snow is still nailing down the people around the Great Lakes and MW, and the rain and wind is moving through New England. I’ll have all the latest warnings.

More rain for the Pacific NW today, and that’s on top of the flooding downpours you got over the weekend. Flood warnings are all around the Puget Sound, with another 1-2” rain expected today. I’ll have the radar.

Air travel is going to be a nightmare today, what with the wind and snow. As always, I’ll grab the latest from the FAA and air it for you.

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erin   December 13th, 2010 1:07 pm ET


What is the mysterious looking thing that runs to the right when the Metrodome roof starts to collapse? Look in the bottom right corner when the snow first starts to come through and the roof slowly sags and you will see something run to the right. What is that?


Leah Clement   December 14th, 2010 10:16 am ET

Why do weather forecasters qualify wirh "Pacific northwest?" Does the USA have any other northwest? Why not "Atlantic northeast" or "Pacific southwest?" It is an unnecessary qualification. I would understand what northwest used alone means and so do I think all the other listeners would. Of course it can be used but after a while it rankles me.

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