March 25, 2010

Webcam on the Death Star?

Posted: 02:37 PM ET

The website called "Chat Roulette" has been generating quite a bit of buzz... not all of it good... but we found a guy (at least we think it's a guy) who is using it to make new friends all over "the Empire" with pretty hysterical results. Here's our viral video of the day:

You can see the whole video here: Star Wars on Chatroulette.

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March 24, 2010

One million "sling" type baby carriers recalled

Posted: 02:16 PM ET

This morning Jennifer Westhoven was looking out for you when she reported a HUGE recall of over 1 million baby slings. Take a look at the video above to see if you have one of the recalled carriers. If you do have an Infantino "Slingrider" or " Wendy Bellissimo" slings for newborn to 4 month old babies STOP USING IT. Click the link below for the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall website for more information:

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March 23, 2010

Why would anyone ASK to be at work at 3am?

Posted: 12:19 PM ET

"3am!? Why?" That's the question I am getting from my friends, my family, my co-workers... I think I even heard my CAR make a vaguely incredulous groan when I turned the key this morning. None of them can understand why I would apply for a job that requires me to set an alarm at oh-my-god-it's-1:30am. But I did and now... well... Hi, I'm Grayson, extremely proud to be your new "Morning Express with Robin Meade" TV/Web Producer. That's me above... taken from my best side.

What's a TV/Web producer? Only the best job ever. Except for, maybe, professional lottery winner. That would be a sweet gig.

I actually haven't OFFICIALLY, officially started. This week I get to train with my fellow web-based life forms at, get acquainted with the rest of the MXP team, set up my new workspace and most importantly set some goals for myself and the internet related parts of "Morning Express with Robin Meade." The main web page:, the daily newsletter, the Salute to Troops blog, this blog you're reading now, the "Morning Express with Robin Meade" Facebook Fan page and who knows what else we'll come up with (personally I'm pulling for a Twitter feed... we'll see). In the newsroom we call all those things the "digital extensions" of the show... I call them YOUR chance to be a part of it, and I hope you will be.

So the answer to the question... "Why would I ASK for a job that requires me to get to work at 3am?" In this economy, 3am is the new 9am, right? Actually... the real reason is I'm a fan, just like you. Who wouldn't sacrifice a little shuteye in exchange to work with Robin, Bob, Jennifer, Rafer and Richard? So lets get started...

I mentioned that for part of my first week I'm working with the other producers to look at things we want to tweak across our MXP "digital exertions" aka "interweb gizmos." So I ask you... what can we do to make our websites more valuable to you? Let me know and we'll make them (the non-ridiculous ones) happen!

See you online,

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