March 24, 2009

Your most embarrassing emails? No offense but, lol.

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TV-Web Producer Kate Taylor

Have you ever hit send on an email only to realize moments later that you sent it to the wrong recipient? What about that feeling of terror you get after taking some time to vent about an acquaintance in a text message, then accidentally sending the message to that very person? Or, how about the night you filled up on some liquid courage and then maybe shared a little too much – in writing?

Yep, you just sent that email about your steamy date last night to the entire office.
Yep, you just sent that email about your steamy date last night to the entire office.

Well, Google has your back. Gmail is adding a sort of "panic button" to their list of email services. For five seconds after hitting 'send' on an email, you'll have the option of retracting the message.

The Google designer who came up with the idea says that five seconds is generally enough time to save yourself from your most embarrassing email mistakes. Maybe it takes hitting that 'send' button to realize the error of your ways?

Google's new development got us thinking about our own email and text gaffes, and wondering who else has made them. We asked Morning Express viewers to share their most embarrassing email and text message mistakes, and boy, we wouldn’t want to be in some of their shoes!

What about you? Any horrible email blunders? Share them in the comments field below, we dare you! But once you hit submit, there's no turning back …

- I emailed a newly found distant cousin from a discovery on a ancestry site. I told her I was really big on geneology. My spell check changed it to gynecology. Obviously she will remain a distant cousin and must be glad she is on the other side of the family. – Darryl of Lincoln, Rhode Island

- There's one time I sent a text message with the words. "I wanna do you." I was going too fast and accidentally sent it my mother! Boy did she tear me a new one! She's never let me live that one down yet ... – Shawn of Beloit, Wisconsin

- Once sent a text message to one of my buddies about my roommates "awful" eating habits..."He's eating soup...I mean SLURPING soup...dear God Help me NOW!!".

Well – no sooner did I sent it, I noticed my roommates cell buzzed, notifying him he had a message... thinking it was odd, I went to my sent folder.

Sure enough – I sent it to HIM!!! UGH! HAHA! – Scott of Boston, Massachusetts

- I once sent an email to my co-supervisor and boss complaining about one of our workers who'd been skipping her shifts and raving about how we should let her go ... but cc-ed the employee too! Oops. – Brad of Detroit, Michigan

- My daughter was in a storm shelter awaiting a tornado. She called me at work but I could not talk. Later I sent a txt telling her how much I loved her. As it was sending I noticed the txt was sent to my boss in error. He got quite a laugh as he teased me about sexual harrassment! – Vera of Attalla, Alabama

- I was text messaging my husband who was attending training in another state for the US Army. It was a hazy wake up text. The text happened to be of the racy nature. Someone quickly text messaged me back saying he didn't know who I was but he was interested in finding out! Oops! Oh my! – Lacey of Harker Heights, Texas

- I emailed my boss, back in the 90's who was the Asst. Chief of Police at NC State. I ranted and raved and it took four clicks of the mouse before the email finally went through. I was arrested the next day by six police officers for communicating a threat! – Steven of Four Oaks, North Carolina

- I was responding to an unpleasant email, when I decided to re-word my initial message. So I deleted all that I had written. Then I decided it would be best not to respond at all, but I accidentally hit "send" instead of "delete." So I sent a blank email to someone who had offended me. Oops. I actually did this twice to different people. – Paul of Marysville, Washington

- Last month I had been drinking with my best friend and sent a text message to another friend's old number by accident, which had been reassigned. Almost immediately after, I get a call from the new owner of the number, asking me why I texted him and who I was, and all of that mess. It was embarrassing and frightening at the same time! – Zach of Roseburg, Oregon

- Embarrassing email: While at our training center in NC, I was at a week long course whose instructor resembled Eva Longoria. After several close calls during the week, I got some good snapshots of her with my camera phone. I emailed them out that evening to some co-workers, only to find out the next day I had somehow included my boss in the CC section. I'm still trying to live that one down, since my boss and the instructor are close friends:) – Will of Casper, Wyoming

- Text the message "I Love You" meant for wife, and it goes to everyone in office, even the practical jokers who use it as their own joke. – Bob of Collierville, Tennessee

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Rose   March 24th, 2009 11:14 am ET

I just got a new blackberry and was trying to type to my beau that I was bumping into an old friend when he had try to call me. It came out that i was humping and old tree when he was frying me. I still haven't gotten used to the "QWERTY' keyboard. He called back to laugh at me out loud! :I It doesn't pay to quick text...

Anonymous   March 24th, 2009 1:07 pm ET

I received 2 text messages from my boss by accident that were very embarrassing.
1st text says:
" Will you ever 4give me? Feels like I'm fading without u in my life. I've been down b4, but this is killing my heart. U have no idea how much u meant 2 me nd how ashamed i am of what I've done. Facebook was a honest 2 god mistake! I'm a mess, I miss u so much, more than all the sand nd stars in the world! That's a fuckin lot! Forgive me in time, please. Never wanted 2 hurt u. (sad face)"
Second text says:
"At work now, eating a chocolate danish, it tastes like u. Big sigh. I know what I should have done with it...(sad face)"

Kevin Giddens Esq.1   March 24th, 2009 5:29 pm ET

Here it is...
I am 35, and a life long fan of the great Evel Knievel. In November of 2007, I bid on, and won a personally autographed book from Evel Knievel on Ebay...his wife took care of the transaction, she emailed me a dated picture of him autographing it the day it was shipped, November 28, 2007. I forwarded the email with the picture to my brother(life long Evel fan as well), and told him to look how bad Evel looked....he responded "dude, he's still alive, by the looks of it for not much longer" THEN.... accidentally replied to Evel's wife instead of me!
Needless to say, she was pissed! She thought I was replying to her telling her Evel looked like he was about to die, and told me if she had not already mailed my autographed book she would just give me my money brother and I both sent apology emails that were not responded to...THEN......the very next day Evel Knievel died.
I kept all of the emails, and have it completely documented! Needless to say, I was the most nervous person in the world waiting for that package to arrive!!!
What do ya think...good enough for T.V.?

rosie   March 24th, 2009 9:24 pm ET

I once emailed a sexy picture of ME to a supervisor by accident.

His name was right below my boyfriend's and I clicked one too many times. Was my face RED when I had to ask him to delete it

Beth563   March 25th, 2009 6:09 am ET

Haven't yet sent an e-mail I regretted (knock on wood), but that five-second rule needs to be expanded, or maybe the user can have the option of changing it to one minute, or even five minutes.
I'd love that feature!
Great blog entry, BTW.

Janet   March 25th, 2009 6:56 am ET

I once was answering an email of my ex husband, and was really pissed off...very unlady like language included. When I hit send, instead of going to my ex's email, it went to an HR manager that had interviewed me a couple of days before!!! :O Needless to say, I sent her an email apologizing, sent another one to my ex, more upset than before, and blamed him for it!!!

Melissa   March 25th, 2009 7:14 am ET

I sent a text message to a female relative early in the morning. The message basically told her that I would buy "Tampax Pearls" & "Liners" for her. They would be left inside the screen door for her. Well the text message went out, to someone else.

Bryan   March 25th, 2009 8:26 am ET

Back in high school I sent my gf lyrics to DMX's song "X is coming for you". She didn't know what it was so took it to the school resource officer, needless to say I was quicky taken out of chemistry in handcuffs.

Brooke   March 25th, 2009 9:29 am ET

I once sent out an email that was intended for my boss(who was my age and we joked around a lot) the subject line said 'hey ass.' Well I accidentally sent it to THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT and all of the high up supervisors. I was mortified!

To make matters worse, a couple of days later my supervisor takes me in the room where they fire people and handed me termination papers. I turned ghost white...well the ASS then began laughing hysterically and handed me the correct papers that were actually just a warning...

Ingrid   March 25th, 2009 11:30 am ET

I was complaining about a co-worker about 10 years ago via an email to my husband. I called her a B*TC*. As soon as I hit send, I realized that I had put HER name in the To: field by mistake, not his. Needless to say, this my boss was notified, HR, etc.,

John   March 25th, 2009 1:45 pm ET

I received a request from a woman in my office to go look in the break room at a catalogue she had left. Every time someone made an order from her catalogue a portion of the sales would fund her child's public school after-school programs.

Somehow, and to this day I'm still not sure how I did this, but instead of forwarding the message to a friend I replied to her with the following:

"As if my high property taxes don't already pay for this kid's schooling, now I'm being asked to pay for his after school programs, too!?"

To her credit, she was very polite about the episode, and responded with something like "If you don't wish to contribute, that is fine".

When I realized I sent it to her I. Nearly. Died.

Colleen   March 25th, 2009 1:59 pm ET

Once I was writing a letter to a guy I really liked, but had just met. Being the secretary that I am, it was typed with the date and his address at the top. I must have done about four or five drafts to get it just right. Well, the mailbox and the trashcan were right next to each other. Apparently, I threw away the final letter in the trash and put all the drafts in the mailbox. Our ever diligent post office sent all those letters to him despite the fact that they weren't in an envelope and they didn't have a stamp. Can you say mortified? I never saw him again. I'm sure he thought I was a psycho.

Colleen   March 25th, 2009 2:02 pm ET

I was on the receiving end of an email where two co-workers who were married and having an affair with each other. Nobody knew about it until the guy sent a very suggestive email to the woman but accidentaly selected a distribution list instead of her name. After that, everybody knew what they were up to.

Sandy Collins   March 25th, 2009 2:10 pm ET

I have two embarrasing e mail slips. In one instance I was e mailing a co worker and made a snide remark about our Boss. As soon as I hit send I realized I had sent to my Boss! I pannicked and tried to use the recall function but was too late. Before he could read it I decided to call him and tell him what happened to try to smooth things over. Thankfully, he was a good sport about it but I sure am glad I didn't say anything too bad which could have been the case.

The other incident I was e mailing a business associate and referenced a client with the name "Marathon." I spelled it "Marathong" He e mailed back and asked me if that was a new style of swimwear. I was so embarrased.

Sally   March 25th, 2009 2:16 pm ET

The other day I started instant messaging a co-worker to say what a b*tch another co-worker was, when I realized I was sending it to the b*tch instead. Fortunately, only the first part of the message went through which I was able to fake out with another story.

My boss and husband have the same first name, so my boss has had a couple of "I love you"'s from me :) (worst part about that is that I think my boss is VERY cute).

stewart kiritz   March 25th, 2009 2:19 pm ET

The manager of my department was having an affair with a co-worker. Some folks were suspicious about it, and it was obvious he was doing favors for her, so there was resentment brewing. One Monday he sent her an email saying "Sweetie, thanks for the wonderful weekend." Unfortunately for him, he sent the email to all 30 people in our office. Shortly thereafter, he was let go.

billyboy   March 25th, 2009 3:58 pm ET

Someone texted my phone "Hi, it's me. I'm late this month, not sure what to do, just though you should know."

I disregarded it because I didn't recognize the number. My snoopy wife found it months later and thought I was having an affair and the girl was "late" with her period.

My wife only felt better when she called the number on the phone and the woman cleared up the mistake.

South Dakota   March 25th, 2009 4:07 pm ET

I was once very annoyed by my co-worker's constant claim of her being 'very busy' when I could hear clearly planning her vacation on the phone. I wanted to share my feelings with one of my other co-workers who also felt the same way. It wasn't anything nasty but merely a skepticism of the 'busy' colleague's claim. BUT, instead of sending the mail to this other coworker, I sent it to the 'busy' one! I tried recalling but didn't work...very embarrassing.

Deb   March 25th, 2009 5:40 pm ET

Once was dating a guy who was also dating another woman...knew about her, really didn't care, he was just a "friend with benefits", she didn't know about me...sent him an e mail confirming a date that weekend and because her name was in my address book on my computer hit her name instead of went to her...she found out about me...and it was a pretty graphic e mail about our plans for saturday night after her had broken a date with her because his "mom" was sick and he had to go over her house that weekend. Needless to say she wasn't happy...neither was he but so what...he should have told her about me...that was it for her and him...he wanted to continue with me but too much drama...he was history but now I am careful to always make sure I sent texts and e mails to the correct person.

Kathryn   March 25th, 2009 6:02 pm ET

Hilarious stories! I have been lucky and have been very careful. Fortunately I have a very old cell phone that doesn't even have capability for texting. As for email, again very careful to keep anything embarassing or disparaging to a dull roar...and ALWAYS check the To: field before sending.

Po Boy   March 25th, 2009 9:01 pm ET

How about the time I accidentally forwarded a message to my boss using the email return address of the other company I was secretly working for..

Lori   March 26th, 2009 11:45 am ET

My friend and I had both worked for this mother-daughter team in a professional office setting on two seperate occassions each. I became very frustrated with the condesending way I was talked to on a daily basis by the daughter portion of this team and as a result, was in the process of quiting within the month to start my own business. I was e-mailing my friend one day about something crappy that the 'daughter-boss" had done to me. The e-mails went back and forth with strong opinions, mostly mine, about my boss' most recent behavior. I hit send and was waiting a reply, when one did not come as fast as it had before I began to get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I went to my sent box to see if I had even sent the last correspondance when I discovered I did indeed send my boss!!! I had not planned to quit for at least another month but my recent actions might change that. I knew my boss was not due in the office for about an hour, at least I thought. I ran to her office and began to start up her computer, I thought if I could just get into her inbox, delete the e-mail, nobody would be the wiser. I had my co-worker watching the front for the boss' arrival while I scrambled to delete the e-mail, my ass sweating the entire time. After what seemed like an eternity, I got the e-mail deleted and her computer shut down as I had found it. Whew! Not so fast, I realized her e-mails go directly (within seconds I later found out) to her Blackberry! Uuuhhhggg! She never said a word. I quit two days later because of another, unrelated incident.

Roy   March 30th, 2009 9:30 am ET

We use an internal chat program to communicate with our colleagues here at work. We were doing a conference call and this lady, we'll call her "Mary", was challenging just about everything I would say which was getting annoying. The focus of the conversation went away from me, so I took the opportunity to text a friend that I knew was also on the call. I texted "Mary sure is being a pain in my butt today"... My friend texted me back saying "Thanks, Roy!!"... Which seemed odd until I realized I sent the text to Mary instead of my friend. Holy cow was I embarrassed.

AshLeigh   April 2nd, 2009 11:01 pm ET

Hi I am 16 and I think mine is pretty bad. Right one day my brother and father had a fight and like always I get dragged into it. After Drama galore my father and I decide to go to a restaurant, and frankly, I was angry with my father. Anyway long story short we argued at the dinner table and when he left to go to the bathroom I pulled out my cell and texted my brother with "Dad is really starting to tick me off". Anyway a minute or so later my dad comes out (only I don't see him) what I do see is his phone screen that says "Dad is really starting to tick me off". We fought again and then the waitress comes up saying a a sly southern tone "How ya'll doin?". *Gulp*

Anonymous   January 26th, 2011 7:54 pm ET

My boss brought over jumbalaya for Thanksgiving, and I decided to thank her via email. I had just started my message, but then got up for an urgent bathroom break. While I was in there, my four year old attached a HIDEOUS ( you have no idea how hideous) picture where I was pretending to be a rabid dog, and then sent the email to my boss. I was horrified when I realized this.

Nicole1   July 9th, 2011 6:52 pm ET

I was text flirting with someone I met at the gym. We had quite a steamy thread going when he stopped responding. I panicked and e-mailed my best friend saying it didn't matter anyway, I just wanted to see if he liked me, and wanted to get back in the game. (I am married) I said I needed to let go of the drama and focus on my family, work, etc. this was supposed to be a forward to her with his last text attacthed, but I sent it to him by mistake. Have not heard from him since. Ouch– but probably a good stop for something I should not have been doing in the first place. Now I will stick to rule to not email anything you would not want anyone to see. or e-cheat on my dear hubby

G Blum   July 29th, 2011 11:41 pm ET

IPTLOCK puts an end to embarrassing email mishaps.
Check it out at YouTube. Now there’s a way to prevent people from forwarding your email attachments and recalling them at anytime. For things you want to share with a friend but not the world.

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